Benefits Planning for People with Disabilities

Worry surrounding the potential loss of Medicaid and Social Security can stop people with disabilities from pursuing the career they really want. Benefits Case Manager Sandy Weitkamp helps individuals and families understand how wages affect public benefits. Through a unique analysis of each case, she shows how individuals can start work or increase their hours without losing their safety net.

Through generous funding from the Developmental Disabilities Resource Board, your meeting can address Medicaid, Medicare, Supplemental Security, Social Security Disability, ABLE accounts as well as reporting responsibilities, applications, and problem-solving. 

For more information, call 636-875-5253 or book an appointment using the button below.

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Absolutely Invaluable
I was connected with Sandy, and she has been absolutely invaluable. There is no way this issue would have or could have resolved without Sandy’s professional knowledge, along with her intervention, on behalf of my adult daughter with multiple disabilities. Through her contacts and resources, Sandy provided a positive outcome in a timely manner, along with detailed information on other questions I had about benefits. Even though we initially had difficulty using technology, Sandy was able to circumvent the issues which resulted in time well spent during the meeting.

Veronica L.

A Knowledgeable Advocate
As a single parent feeling scared and frustrated with so many questions, I was lucky enough to get in touch with Sandy. She has been wonderful and is so knowledgeable. By her actions and advice, she makes you feel that you’re important and your child matters. It’s a blessing knowing there are people like her advocating for families with children of all ages with different kinds of disabilities and limitations. Thank you Sandy for all you do every day!

Lylia L.

A Brighter Future
Working with Sandy was extremely helpful. She helped me navigate the difficult processes and convoluted systems to obtain the benefits that are available and meant for people with disabilities. As a result, I have a chance at a brighter future

Ty K.

Instrumental Help
I applied for Social Security and Medicaid for my son, and Sandy was instrumental in helping me. I could not imagine filling out the paperwork without her. She spent hours over several calls and emails explaining how everything worked and what was needed. She helped me with things I didn’t understand and was extremely helpful. I am so grateful that I had this resource to help and guide me

Tina K.