Using a canister container for your product packaging provides greater protection and better presentation. We can fill containers with solid, non-food items by hand or using our automated equipment. After portioning out by weight, containers are sealed with fully automated labeling and optional TEP banding.


Club packs offer a convenient way to display products for sale right on the pallet. They are popular with retailers such as Sam’s Club and Costco. Club packs are created by placing products into an intermediate tray and then onto a pallet. After the full pallet is topped with a protective cardboard lid, it is wrapped and ready to ship.

Fin Sealing

Fin sealing is the most cost-effective barrier wrap, which makes it an ideal application for large volume runs. The package consists of a barrier film surrounding a flat or profile product with crimped seals on each end and fin-like seal running along the back side.


We label bottles, cans, cartons, multi-packs, and more by hand and machine. We label over incorrect package or promotional copy and apply first-time labels with precision. We work with panel labels, shrink labels, over-labels, UPC labels, safety seals, and more. We also offer label removal.

Poly bagging

Poly bagging brings products together for commercial, industrial, or retail use. Merchandise is placed into poly or polypropylene bags and then heat-sealed to allow for protection and visibility. Filling by hand, we can use any bag size or thickness. We visually inspect and weigh each finished unit and quality check all jobs every hour.

Pouch Sealing

Stand-up pouches are unique and attractive. The flat, gusseted bottom provides for easy standing and a strong shelf presence. We will fill and seal a stand-up pouch with your product based on your specifications for quantity and weight. We utilize industry-leading Doboy™ equipment to ensure a complete and secure seal.

SHRINK and TEP banding

Shrink and tamper-evident banding (TEP) is a cost-effective choice for securing caps, lids, and other closures. Our machine custom-cuts your bands and then shrinks them onto your containers. We can also apply hand apply shrink bands that hold two items together.

Steam Shrink Sleeving

Steam shrink sleeving is the go-to solution for difficult, very precise, or widely contoured containers. BCI Packaging’s Aesus™ steam shrink tunnel provides the most uniform and distortion-free results in the co-packaging industry. This solution is particularly well-suited for full-body labels. Steam provides the most uniform heat distribution and is also the least aggressive compared to the other dry heat sources.

Shrink Wrapping

Shrink wrapping is a proven, cost-effective method of protecting your product or combining like products for retail. BCI Packaging’s high-speed Texwrap™ equipment accommodates a wide range of sizes and capabilities. We use premier shrink films (clear and printed) to ensure a professional appearance and can add labels to the inside or outside of the package. We also offer shrink banding and bundling and pack out into any configuration including boxes, displays, or club store pallets.