BCI has a variety of capabilities designed to provide a cost effective and socially conscious solution to the outsourcing challenges that businesses in our community face.

Automated Packaging

Automated Flexible Packaging has been a staple of BCI’s success for over 20 years. Not only does BCI offer a wide variety of custom tailored and attractive packaging options, but we also offer packaging consultation so you can fully benefit from our expertise.

Commercial Janitorial

Show Me Shine is BCI’s commercial janitorial service.  Our business is to make your business SHINE!!  Please visit our business website at

Labor-Intensive Solutions

BCI can provide your company with the efficient labor that you need to realize your business goals. BCI’s facilities are specifically designed to maximize the efficient completion of projects for our customers.

Packaging Consultation

BCI can assist during every step of your packaging process. From packaging design to the development of samples of your finished product, BCI searches for ways to improve your product’s manufacturability and reduce your costs. We are your backroom packaging experts and if you like, we will gladly offer our advice to provide value-driven choices for packaging design and materials. LEARN MORE >



Our primary goal is to provide you with a cost effective outsourcing solution. As a result, we offer many of our inventory management services at no extra cost to you. LEARN MORE >

Off-Site Work Crews

Whether you are looking for an individual or a fully staffed crew with a supervisor, BCI will provide your company with the customized solution to your human resources needs. LEARN MORE >

ISO Compliant System

BCI’s ISO and cGMP compliant systems and procedures are based on prevention. Our proactive and all-encompassing approach provides you with peace of mind and a cost-effective business partnership. LEARN MORE >



We specialize in logistics management, and leverage our inherent resourcefulness to assist you in managing the components of your supply chain with efficient and cost-effective solutions, based out of our centrally located facilities. LEARN MORE >